Edinburgh calling

11 12 2009

This morning I woke up to the usual Twitter messages on a foggy day to tell me that Edinburgh was missing. It would appear that the M8 belt (not sure why it isn’t a corridor like the M1 corridor) was covered in a mist that didn’t move all day and the temperatures were sub-zero.  Alternatively, Applecross was bathed in sunshine for the entire day and temperatures were a comfortable 8 degrees, so just a light walking shirt was all that was required for me.

As yesterday, another new lesson has been learned (or is it learnt?). This time relating to long exposure photographs perched precariously on just four small rocks, one supporting me and the other three supporting the legs of my tripod. Never, ever, let a dog loose whilst you are taking photos in this position, especially friendly dogs, as they have a habit of running and leaping toward you after they have become bored after 5 minutes hanging around. Picture the scene as I was holding my tripod with one hand, trying to keep hold of the dog with the other and trying to make sure that I didn’t go A over T myself.

The resulting photo from the couple of minutes by the river is fantastic though and well worth the effort required at the end of the day.

And just for completeness, here is the darling little dog that caused the foray by the river.

Tomorrow is going to be a trip home to Edinburgh, however, on the way I am hoping to capture Russell Burn at the bottom of Bealach na Ba (assuming my stupid height issues don’t get too much of me) and Eilian Doran Castle which is kind of on the way back with a bit of a diversion – hopefully the Edinburgh mist makes it’s way to the castle and gives me that bit of something that will make a great photo in this well photographed spot.




One response

13 12 2009

What a bonny dog! some amazing pics in here rich, i really love the various reddy colours you’ve been capturing, and how picturesque is the low fog?

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