Cloud inversion

12 12 2009

Today was the long drive back from Applecross to Edinburgh, made even longer by the frequent stops to take photographs (and videos coming up on YouTube tomorrow) in places such as Russel Burn, Eilean Donan Castle and a totally unplanned, but amazing stop at Glen Garry where I was fortunate enough to witness my first ever cloud inversion.

Apparently, the conditions that are perfect for this type of inversion are very rare and it creates something called an inversion aloft which is when there is hot air above and below the cloud and means the inversion lasts pretty much all day. Sorry, this isn’t a meteorological website but it is an amazing sight when you see something like this one.

In other shots today, I have attempted to produce something similar (although in no way equal to) the fabulous Ansel Adams. There is a colour version of the photo below on my flickr site (link on the right hand side). I would really appreciate a comment or two to tell me which one you prefer.




4 responses

12 12 2009

seriously! you MUST be a pro! Or extremely knowledgable at least! How do you take such good photos? When we meet could you teach me some tricks (“trix”, lol)?? 🙂

12 12 2009

Nice pics. Never heard of cloud inversion till now.

13 12 2009

I love the Ansel Adams tribute! That even looks a bit like Half Dome in the background 🙂

13 12 2009

Thanks Lesault, I really would never claim to be anywhere near as good as the great man, but when I pressed the Black and White button in photoshop this version sprang out to me as being better than the colour one.

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