To HDR or not to HDR

13 12 2009

I have spent a day without the camera pressed to my face and instead taken some time out to look at the images taken over the last few days (and also to edit some music over a video shot on the way down the Bealach).

I am really happy with some of the photos I have taken and posted on this blog, however, one or two just didn’t sit well straight out of the camera and so I have resorted to the ever trusty but also dangerous Photomatix to try and give the odd image a little boost. HDR in general and Photomatix in particular seem to get over-used to produce results which are far from realistic so it is always with a bit of trepidation that I use it to enhance images.

The result of an edit today is shown below, and I hope you agree that whilst it is obviously ‘edited’ it doesn’t look unrealistic and was probably a fair representation of what the eye actually saw. I would be interested in your comments.

In other news, I used the amazing video capabilities of the Canon 5D mkII to take a ride down the Bealach na Ba on the way back to Edinburgh on Saturday morning and then spent much of last night and this morning trying to find a piece of music that encapsulated the drive and also lasted the 5 minutes 7 seconds of the clip. You can see the video on YouTube – I was always sceptical as to why a DSLR should have video capability or indeed Live View, however, the more I am using them now the more I can see they add value, probably just as auto focus did when that was first introduced (and probably was also vilified by the purists). Again, it would be great to get feedback on the video and also any comments generally about video or live view on DSLR’s.




2 responses

14 12 2009

I’m not usually a big fan of HDR but this image looks fine to me.

25 02 2010

Hi there – we’ve been planning a trip to scotland for a bit including this place – looks like a wonderful spot – is it on the road to applecross?
In terms of HDR , the only thing I think could be improved is the haloing between land and sky – otherwise, looks pretty good 🙂

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