Back in the mood

27 01 2010

Over the last couple of months my portraiture work has been neglected in favour of landscape and Christmas scenes around Edinburgh. In that time, I have been really fortunate to have got some great results in the Edinburgh Photographic Society competitions, primarily with portrait photographs.

As we ended last year I had started to question if I was in the mood to do more portrait photography any more and I was starting to let people know that I wouldn’t be doing too much more in the studio going forward. However, as the New Year started EPS started to create a new Portraiture Group and I started to attend set-up sessions with like minded people and I have been re-invigorated. I have responded to two or three Casting Calls on Purestorm and carried out my first shoot last Sunday. I’ve added the end result of one of the photos and I am really pleased. The lighting is some of the best I have done and the poses, I think, have moved into a different class than I was doing last year.

My offer of free photo-shoots still continues, if you would like an individual or family photo drop me a line on ¬†and I will take photographs of you or your family and provide you with between five and ten edited images that you would be able to get printed wherever you wish. There is no catch, no hard sell, it’s just to give me a an opportunity to work with ‘normal’ people. Please get in touch.