Strobist Inspiration

17 02 2010

I am a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society and in all honesty it is primarily for the access to the excellent studio facilities that are available. I joined the Digital Group, a couple of years ago hoping to pick up some tips that I could use in my own photography, however, the level the sessions were being pitched at didn’t really add to my personal tool-kit.

Yesterday evening the value of the society has been boosted immensely with the first meeting of the Portraiture and Studio Group. There is already a Beginners Studio Class in the syllabus, however, a number of members have come together to try to discuss and practice more advanced elements of portrait photography. The first session was run by Janek Mann, a photographer I have been aware of for some time as we have both used the same models in Edinburgh. The session was on the topic of Strobism, which is using off-camera flash guns to create similar effects to those you would see in a studio but with the flexibility of them being very portable.

As you will see from Janek’s website, his portraiture is stunning and the passion he spoke during the evening has inspired me to get out of the studio and purchase some very cheap strobes and radio triggers. I have a shoot arranged for the 7 March with a friend of mine in a great location in the north of Fife which will possibly be my  first proper strobist shoot. That said, I would be more than willing to set up shoots before then if anyone is willing to let me practice on them – I’d be happy to offer the same deal for my studio work, you or your family agree to model for me and I’ll let you have edited images that you can get printed anywhere.

Has anyone else been inspired by a photographer to make a change in direction of your photography?




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