Strobist Take 1

8 03 2010

Following the demonstration by Janek Mann at the Edinburgh Photographic Society portrait group I really wanted to get out and try. Fortunately, I managed to coerce a very brave model called Tanya Ruel to help me out and we agreed to set up a shoot at an old disused military base at the very far north of Fife. For non-Sc0ttish readers, Fife is a very cold place (known as ‘baltic’ in the locality) and particularly when the location is by the River Tay overlooking the ‘picturesque’ city of Dundee.

After avoiding the collection of Buckfast bottles and broken needles we tried out various ideas but the attached photo is the one that pleases me most. Armed with only two Yongnou flashes, a trigger and Speedlite 580 I think this looks almost studio standard with a relatively small investment. The shot is taken with a strobe behind the old parts shining a green light upwards (very cheap gel material from e-bay); a side light on the right providing the main light with a Gary Fong contraption attached to it and them a very slight fill light from the left making the shine on the lyrca/bondage tape. Seems to bring out a fantastic lighting set but I would be interested in your views on how I could improve and additional tips.

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