Sometimes it’s a pleasure

19 03 2010

Last night I was able to work once again with one of my favourite models, Gemma Chan. She has the great ability that a photographer would want from a model where she knows instinctively the shapes that are pleasing to the eye, let’s the photographer take the shot and then shifts quickly into another killer position. As well as Gemma, I was also working with Karen Swanston, a make-up artist based in Edinburgh who did such a fantastic job with Gemma. When you get two people like Gemma and Karen together the job of the photographer is really quite simple, set the lights, click and then hardly any post-processing is required. Here is one of the first photos that jumped out of the contact sheet at me, I’d love your comments.

Model: Gemma Chan Make-Up Artist: Karen Swanston

It’s times like last night that really make portrait photography an absolute pleasure. Thank you both.




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