Things are looking up

24 03 2010

My shoot yesterday has again made me wish for a change in my personal body image – no I am not looking to put myself under the knife, the change I needed last night isn’t possible through plastic surgery, although it was maybe available in medieval times! I was working with a fantastic model called Nicola Duff for the first time. My first view of Nicola made me step back, literally, I had to step back to see her face as she was a beautiful statuesque 5’11”.

Once into the the studio we had a good time and produced some really great images, again thanks to the make up artistry of Karen Swanston and then the creative ability of Nicola to produce some really pleasing poses. I did have to use a box to get myself into an angle that was pleasing, after all by this time Nicola was now wearing 5 inch heels and towering over me!

Here is the first image I have edited from the shoot and I would really appreciate your comments on my work. Is there any images you would like me to be taking and sharing?

Model: Nicola Duff; Make Up Artist: Karen Swanston




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