Super-flyer me

11 08 2010

OK, this is my first blog for ages and I must have my wrists slapped for not being here for a while. So, I am going to come back and hit a controversial subject with a little project I am going to run during the month of August.

Firstly, I LOVE the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s a photographers pleasure with performers lining the High Street willing to do whatever a photographer asks of them. However, (and here is the controversial bit) the amount of paper used to advertise the various shows must have destroyed a good chunk of rain-forest. It’s not just the paper, I am sure it is generally recycled paper, but also the environmental damage used to create the flyers in printing and distribution. Whilst not part of my project, it would be really interesting to understand the carbon offset required to stage the entire Fringe – if you think of the miles travelled by the performers, the electricity used to light the stages – it’s mind-boggling to think about the environmental damage caused by this fantastic event. (see I really, really do love the fringe and wouldn’t want mamby pamby liberal types jumping on the environmental band-wagon to ban the event).

This brings me to my personal challenge that has been influenced by the film Super-size Me. You will remember the films main character decided he would eat MacDonald’s every day for a month and if he was asked by the server if he wanted to be ‘super-sized’ he would accept the grossly sized portion. My project is similar in that if I am offered a flyer by one of the shows I will accept it, if another member of the cast two seconds later also offers me a flyer I’ll take that one too! The end result will be a tower of flyers showing how much paper is wasted by the advertising of shows at the fringe.

I’ll also throw in a little competition to win a photo-shoot and 5 edited images to the person who guesses closest the number of flyers I will have in my tower by the end of the Fringe. Guess below in the comments please.

Unfortunately, the show below never offered me this particularly inventive flyer! There is a serious point to this for all the creative social media types. By next year, there must be a solution that can at least reduce the number of flyers?




2 responses

11 08 2010

Great idea! Every year I’m thinking the other way to wear a shirt with “FLYER – NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” I’m really curious how much you will have got in the end.

11 08 2010

Interesting take on flyer floods. My suggestion is this: each flyer should display a bar code that grants the holder something or other in edfringe. That should get rid of the littering. As for the sheer volume: cap it, it will make for more creative advertising. Flyering is just like being spammed in real life.

I look forward to seeing the collage you might make out of those flyers.

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