Comedians, Autumn and Baby’s

30 10 2010

I do love the variety that comes from being a semi-professional photographer. Last night I was photographing a comedy night at Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms, called the Friday Fix. Images from this are coming up really soon. Today, I am going to have a wander down to Roslin Glen just south of Edinburgh to try and catch some of the gorgeous autumnal colours so it’s tripod out and water-proof trousers on so I can be rolling around in the mud. Tomorrow is going to be a baby shoot in the studio, this is a favour for a model I have worked with in the past.

Keep an eye on and I am sure you’ll see something popping up on the site from at least one of these shoots.

What else do you enjoy shooting? What makes you happy as a photographer?


Entering competitions

18 10 2010

Prior to becoming interested in photography, I was in various Brass Bands at quite a serious level. One of the irritants of brass banding was the need for the bands to prove themselves in competition. As you can imagine you tend to lose more than you win so I always had an unhealthy attitude to competition in the arts, anything artistic is purely opinion therefore you can’t truly award someone for being ‘the best’ as that is purely the opinion of the one or two judges on the panel.

However, I have dipped my toe in one or two photographic competitions and I have found out today that I have a won a prize in the Caledonian Breweries Pic of the Fringe competition! I’d like to say it was one of my best photos, perfectly exposed, excellently composed – the reality is it was a bit of a snap on the Bank Holiday Monday as the fringe was leaving town. Thank you for the judges personal opinion and a bit of money will be very nice, it still doesn’t mean it’s the best photo, just the one they liked.