Your brand isn’t just your name

18 11 2010

I have been thinking for a while, why am I not getting the hits I want on my website and the follow on sales of my images that I thought would pay a nice income. I’m still struggling with the answer but in my investigations I have found some great advice and some examples of how not to go about selling yourself.

I probably have a mixed brand in my photography, my pleasures are landscape photography (probably highly sellable) and portrait (can be packaged but the images themselves don’t get purchased other than by the subject). Additionally, I enjoy erotic photography. I can see this is confusing to the audience and in some ways alienates different groups by my desire to display all aspects of my photography on one site.

This, though, probably isn’t why I don’t get the traffic. If I look critically at my social networking modus operandi I am probably a lurker, who interacts with a small group of people who are, usually, very complimentary of my work – the message this probably sends out is that I am not welcoming a wider group. So my brand needs to change where I offer a metaphorically wider open hand to an audience through the offer of free images, I have started down this venture thanks to Scott Liddell and Dave Loudon who have encouraged me to a free stock site. The next step in my journey is to publicise these images to a wider audience, so I am guessing it is lots of testing and learning of hash-tags to understand which work well.

I mentioned that there are some people who damage their brand. I’m not going to name names, that isn’t the style of my brand,however, some people need to remember that every tweet on Twitter can be read and the message they send to an individual in one tweet could damage every other well crafted tweet offering a customer friendly service.

Hopefully, you’ll see a gradual change in my types of posting, not by spamming the twitterverse but by nicely targeted posts that attract people to me as a brand and then the hits and sales should follow. It’s great to identify a new path on your journey.




One response

18 11 2010
Derek Christie

Hi Rich. You are going through what I am current,y going through. Wondering why not much work is coming in. I got 14 weddings booked for 2011 and done a few portraits in the last few weeks but nowhere near as busy as i need to be. I don’t think it’s branding though mate. It’s web presence.
I did my own site through photo biz. Flash based with HTML mirror. For common searches “edinburgh wedding photographer……etc” I was ranking on page 10. No good. 80% of my business is from referrals. Your site doesn’t show up on common searches either. ” gig photographer Edinburgh…..portrait…..landscape, etc”
Your blog, which is great is hosted on wordpress’s servers/domain. Meaning all the
SEO stuff improves their rankings not yours. Mine is the same.

I went to Mouvin on up to get a site designed from scratch and to have word press blog as a subdomain of my site. It’s going live by then end of the week. Cost? £1000.

If I book one wedding as a resu,t that I wouldn’t have got then it’s worth it. I don’t expect to be on page 1 but 2 would be good. At least the people of Edinburgh and beyond who don’t know who “Derek Christie” is might actually find my site.

You need more people too see it? Make it easier for th

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