A flawed argument?

28 11 2010

This post is the first on this blog that isn’t related to photography but I thought it was worth sharing. Since Wednesday last week students throughout the country have been protesting against student fees introduced by the coalition government. Firstly I am going to position myself politically, in  my youth I voted conservative and then throughout my life I have moved slowly toward the left and now find it difficult to vote for any of the major parties so hopefully I am not going to be lambasted for being a tory now.

It appears to me that the argument that is being protested is that the change of fee charging where the overall amount required to be funded by a student is increasing, however, the payment of the fees won’t kick in until the student starts to earn £21,000 and then will be spread over a period of time.

I am guessing that the ideal world for the protesters would be that there were no fees, lecturers were paid well so that they were encouraged to teach and the facilities within the universities were top class. The economics of this are that the funding must come from somewhere and the only place that it is likely to come from is the tax payer.

So now lets roll forward four years to the graduation of today’s students. They will leave university and potentially be faced with earning less than £21,000. They will be at the lower end of the earnings structure however will be contributors to taxation – as will be the people who didn’t go to university and low earners. It is these people that will be funding the university education from the previous four years. The higher tax payers will also be paying for it, remember though, that if the benefit of university education is to be believed the good graduates will occupy the majority of people in this demographic and so would have been paying anyway. The logical conclusion therefore, is that the protest is going to lead to the taxation of the low paid – surely not the outcome that would be wanted?

I am all for the advancement of education but I would like to hear the alternative solution rather than simply protesting.




One response

25 06 2011

Well it looks like I have a response already, just an automated reference number but at least it’s a start…

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