A 2011 offer for 2012

1 01 2011

About this time last year, I made an offer to photograph people in the studio and they would get jpeg images that they could have printed. Unfortunately the take up wasn’t as great as I would have hoped. I’ll still leave this offer open for this year so contact me if you would like some portrait images taking, there are some examples on my website, http://www.trixtaphotography.co.uk

Image of Arthur's Seat at sunset on 1st January

Arthur's Seat

However, this year, I would like to make an offer to a worthy cause. For the past four years I have produced a calendar for my family and each year I think I am taking better and better photos. For this year, I would like to donate 13 images to a charity who would use them to produce a calendar of Scotland images. I intend to visit a different location each month and by the first weekend of December you can have the images to print into a calendar just in time for the Christmas period.

There is really no catch, I would just like my images to be put to a great cause that can help other people, all I would ask is that the calendar features a link to my website and has my name on the cover.

Please e-mail me on contact@trixtaphotography.co.uk if you would like your charity to be the recipient of some marvellous images.




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