Currys Complaint Update

3 07 2011

I’m one for being fair so I thought it was right for me to drop a little update following a visit by Knowhow’s Operations Manager in Cumbernauld. I’ve actually been quite impressed by the way the Scottish end of the operation has dealt with the complaint – I received a call on Monday evening from their Manager who arranged for the visit today and I have been kept informed throughout the week which is total contrast to the response I have seen from the call centre operation in Sheffield who are still to contact me.

So the response so far is that one of the delivery men has now been fired from the company, as my complaint was one of three on the same weekend and the other one is subject to a disciplinary process, although as I have told the Ops Manager today he was probably only guilty by association of the gentleman that has been fired. The Ops Manager has seen for himself the damage caused to the floor and is off to have a meeting with the Directors to decide if they are going to replace the floor or offer me a cash alternative if I am prepared to live with scratches.

I have asked for him to remind the Sheffield operation that there are still elements of the complaint that need to be resolved and that I would like a formal response that covers off all eight points.

Hopefully next week I can report the closure of the complaint and let you know the outcome. Keep tuned…




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