Two weeks and this?

15 07 2011

Finally, I receive a response from the Dixons Group on my complaint but it really isn’t what I would expect. Sorry Michael Hibbard, it is time for your name to be named as your customer service is appalling. This is the response, compare it against what I asked for in my original mail and tell me what you think…

Dear Mr Dyson,

Thank you for your email dated 25th June 2011 addressed to John Browett, Chief Executive of DSG Retail Limited.  As reported in my telephone call, I have been authorised to investigate and reply on his behalf.

I am very concerned to learn of the problems that you have encountered with the delivery and install service and I do understand the inconvenience and frustration caused.  Your comments relating to the delivery team and the service you received have been noted and I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the Area Manager.  The matter has been investigated internally and steps have been taken to ensure that this type of incident does not happen again and that other customers are not met with the same experience.  We strive to offer the very best of customer service, so it is very disappointing to hear when this has not been the case.

The refund of your time to suit delivery charge has now been arranged and should in your account shortly. As advised on our call the remainder of your claim has now been handed onto the insurers of the franchises who will be in touch in due course.

Yours sincerley,

Michael Hibbard

Customer Action Team

My own personal point of view is that this doesn’t respond effectively to any of the points and is grammatically incorrect (note the missing ‘be’ in the final paragraph, probably due to the rush Michael was in to send it before 5pm on a Friday). I phoned within 5 minutes of the receipt of the e-mail (4:39pm) and was told that Michael wouldn’t come to the phone as he was getting ready to go home. I asked to speak to a manager and they said they couldn’t speak either as they were ready to go home as as well. I then went through the entire structure up from Michael Hibbard to John Browett to understand who the people were that I could speak to and apparently everyone in Dixons Group go home at 5pm and couldn’t speak…. I am now expecting a call from Michael Hibbard’s line manager, Amanda Brightmore on Monday.

In the interim I have found that the direct report to John Browett, one Sebastian James is on twitter @dixonsops and I have pointed him toward this blog and asked him to comment on whether this is the service he would expect from his company. I wonder if he will take notice or just ignore it like the rest of his team seem to be doing?




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