When will people do what they say they will?

19 07 2011

I know this is going to upset a certain John Sutherland, but hey, some people are reading this so his views can’t be representative of everyone. The Currys saga continues as the promised call on Monday didn’t happen so I contacted them late in the day and spoke to a very pleasant person called Adam that informed the person who was going to call me was actually on annual leave and their deputy wasn’t in that day so he would ensure that someone would call me. I requested a specific time for the call and actually received one this morning at the time specified – well done Currys, you have kept a promise.

The person I spoke to, Melanie, who was very pleasant seemed to recognise that the complaint hadn’t been dealt with well, acknowledged that not accepting calls in the Customer Action Team wasn’t appropriate and tried to defend the improvement in Currys customer service by telling me that there are only 3% of customers who do not get the service they paid for from delivery staff, so it would seem I am one of the unlucky 3%. It woud be interesting to know what the overall complaint figures have been at Currys, this could be my first foray into a FOI request territory – anyone with experience want to assist me in wording the question?

The long and short of the call is that Melanie will speak to the ‘top man’ in the delivery office at Glasgow and will then provide me with an update by the end of the day with progress. It’s now 6:35pm and I have left a message on Melanie’s answer-machine (looks like she must go home at 5pm too) asking for the promised update.

On a totally unconnected matter, I am very much looking forward to photographing Jo Caulfield (@jo_caulfield) tonight. Will be good to have a chat about tweets that she has retweeted recently as well as enjoy her show. I’m sure I’ll be posting a photo on my daily Blipfoto page




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