Why is it so hard?

25 07 2011

The whole Currys Customer Action Team is really beginning to frustrate me! On two occasions now, one of their Team Leaders, Melanie, has promised to call me back at a certain time and has failed to do so – how far up in this organisation does one need to go to to get any decent customer service – Sebastian James (contactable through Twitter @dixonsops) tells his staff that their customer service is improving yet the reality is this complaint – poor frontline service, poor customer service after the event. If Sebastian James had anything about him and lived up to his promises about how good customer service is he would take personal interest in this complaint and intervene – I fear that his customer service is the same as the rest of his organisation.

Current place where we are is that I have had a quote from the flooring company that the cost of repair to my floor is £595 + VAT (£714) – the offer from Currys stands at £250 plus £50 gesture of goodwill for the service elements. This is unreasonable or am I a lone voice on this one?

I would urge my friends to assist me by sending a tweet to @dixonsops pointing him to this blog and asking him to take personal action to resolve this quickly and efficiently. To help here is something you can copy and paste;

Will @dixonsops please investigate the complaint raised by @rich_dyson – his complaint is here http://www.trixtaphotography.wordpress.com


The Saga Continues

12 07 2011

And so despite my complaints and home visits Currys still don’t seem to want to respond – they obviously aren’t reading this blog to see how poor their service is and how many people are reading what a terrible service they are providing.

Here is complaint number two going off to them;

I am now in the unfortunate position where I am having to write and complain about the way your organisation is dealing with my complaint. Your initial response when this was obviously top of Mr Browett’s concern was good – I had telephone contact within 48 hours and the following Sunday I was visited by your representative from Knowhow who informed me of swift action made against one of his members of staff and then took away an action to respond to my complaint concerning the damage to my flooring. I was told that this would result in him having a conversation with his Directors to agree a response to the damaged floor.

During the visit I also stated that there were elements of the complaint that related to the activity of the call centre (also branded Knowhow as I understand) and was told that they would be contacting me soon. I did receive a call from the call centre the next day who still seemed to be preoccupied with the actions of the delivery men and did not really acknowledge the short-comings of the service offered by them, however I was assured that a combined response would be issued and would involve an offer of compensation from your company. This was on Monday 4 July.

As I had not received a response by this Saturday I contacted the Knowhow representative by text message as I was away from my home asking for an update and I was advised that he was having another meeting with his Directors on Sunday evening and would provide a response to me by Monday.

At the time of typing this email (Tuesday evening) I have still not yet had the courtesy of either a telephone call or an email either apologising for the length of time that this has taken to resolve, nor have I had any response to this complaint. This is now totally unacceptable and needs to be fully resolved within 48 hours.

The full resolution would be for you to provide a full written response (I am quite happy to receive it by email) which answers the eight initial points raised in my original complaint and also follows up on the four requirements for resolution that I stated in my email. In addition, I think you can gather from this mail that I am frustrated by your complaints process firstly not responding in a time I consider reasonable, and secondly seems geared to responding on the basis of your organisational alignment as opposed to responding to the customer who has the contractual relationship with Currys – not with your various subsidiary companies. This chasing and writing additional mails has taken up my valuable time and should be compensated for.

I hope I do not have to send a further complaint concerning this to yourselves and that you can meet the requirements I have set out in both this email and my original email.

Richard Dyson

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