Why is it so hard?

25 07 2011

The whole Currys Customer Action Team is really beginning to frustrate me! On two occasions now, one of their Team Leaders, Melanie, has promised to call me back at a certain time and has failed to do so – how far up in this organisation does one need to go to to get any decent customer service – Sebastian James (contactable through Twitter @dixonsops) tells his staff that their customer service is improving yet the reality is this complaint – poor frontline service, poor customer service after the event. If Sebastian James had anything about him and lived up to his promises about how good customer service is he would take personal interest in this complaint and intervene – I fear that his customer service is the same as the rest of his organisation.

Current place where we are is that I have had a quote from the flooring company that the cost of repair to my floor is £595 + VAT (£714) – the offer from Currys stands at £250 plus £50 gesture of goodwill for the service elements. This is unreasonable or am I a lone voice on this one?

I would urge my friends to assist me by sending a tweet to @dixonsops pointing him to this blog and asking him to take personal action to resolve this quickly and efficiently. To help here is something you can copy and paste;

Will @dixonsops please investigate the complaint raised by @rich_dyson – his complaint is here http://www.trixtaphotography.wordpress.com